Social Media Marketing

As Social Media continues to be the first place people go to share information, our focus will be to polish your Social Media presence while focusing efforts on creating content that will bring attention to your media page
A message shared by a friend over social media, immediately garnishes more attention than an ad places on the side of a site. This may be one of the oldest forms of marketing, word of mouth, recreated for our generation. Traffic brought by a shared post is traffic earned, not bought.
Maximizing your potential on these sites can bring huge returns, and we will implement trusted techniques to create a new platform for your business to speak from, or take what you have and refine it to the point of perfection.

We Leverage The Lucky 7

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Each one of these seven social media sites have their own advantage and uniqueness which we leverage in a specific way to reach thousands of your customers.

Social Media Platform Development


  • Account Setup

  • Content Writing
  • Account Optimization
  • Custom Images (i.e. Profile pic, Timeline photo)

    Social Media Management

    For a hands off approach let us at The Moonlight Project take over your campaign. We will start with dedicated market research to develop the optimal social media campaign tailored to your company, and industry.

    We offer several packages including both creation and management of your social media campaign. To view our pre-made packages, click below: