3 Marketing Tips for Small Business

3 Marketing Tips for Small Business

Simple Tips to Boost your Monthly Marketing Campaign

In today’s world choosing which of the many marketing channels to spend your monthly budget on can be overwhelming. Below, Moonlight Project offers 3 small business marketing tips that will not only help you reach your target audience but won’t break the bank.

Quality Content – Search Engines today have changed to where the quality of the content you are posting really matters. Be personal and authentic in everything that you post. There are many outlets to use this quality content, including social media, press releases, blogs, and of course your website. This is not only a great way to engage with your customers but it will also improve your search engine rankings.

Networking – Leveraging the network you already have is the easiest and most cost effective way to market your brand. Create a “friend referral program” that offers anyone that refers business to you, incentives. Common

Moonlight Project

incentives are money, and or products, or services. This will greatly increase your network of genuinely interested customers.

Be Visual – We have all heard the saying, “a picture is worth 1000 words”, well in marketing this same principle applies. With the internet and social media be visible, as in letting your customers have some visual insight into your company. This works so well with people. Today customers are buying from brands they like, not just the biggest corporation out there. Be personal and take pictures of you, your employees, your office, or any events your company is a part of. You will be amazed at the engagement you receive.

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